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Message from Headteacher, Lisa Rawashdeh

Welcome to Ferry Lane Primary School.


We are a one-form entry school in the heart of the Tottenham. Our school lies at the centre of the community and is uniquely positioned on the edge of the Walthamstow Wetlands, a huge green space and important nature reserve on the banks of the River Lea. We are very proud of our school and the community we serve.


The school’s vision is to aspire to excellence and we equip our children with the skills to be confident and successful in life. Our values are at the heart of everything we do: resilience, responsibility, respect, teamwork and belonging. Pupils understand these values and strive to live and learn according to their meaning.

The learning journey of our children is achieved through our excellent teaching and learning – delivering knowledge through an inspiring and creative curriculum with plenty of opportunities to enrich learning through school trips and activities. We give children the tools needed to thrive in all areas of learning and develop skills that will equip them for life.


It is a pleasure to welcome you to our school and to get a taste of what we have to offer. If you wish to learn more about us please connect with us on Twitter or Facebook or have a look at our website or call us to arrange a visit.


Lisa Rawashdeh

Our Vision

The school’s vision is to aspire to equip our children with the skills to be confident and successful in life.

Here, as the children grow in confidence, so does their desire to question and discuss, to reflect and apply their learning. Our aim is to ensure every child in our school reaches their full potential and has the skills to cope with secondary education so that they can go on to fulfil their dreams.

We believe in developing all children’s love of learning in a safe and stimulating environment. We promote E.P.I.C. teaching and learning, striving to ensure that our children’s learning is exciting, pacey, involving and challenging.

. Our Five Values

01. Resilience

02. Responsibility

03. Respect

04. Teamwork

05. Belonging

‘Ferry Lane is a very welcoming school where pupils thrive. Pupils enjoy school because adults help them to learn. ’

OFSTED Statement 2023

Statement of Equality

Everyone has rights and responsibilities.


Everyone has equal value to “ourselves”.


Everyone in school is valued & treated fairly.


We respect each others’ cultures, languages, ethnicity, appearance, age, family, intellectual ability & aptitude, talents & religious beliefs.


We will not tolerate anyone who disregards these values through sexism, racism or bullying in any way.