Squashed Tomatoes

Pupils are set a challenge

Squashed Tomatoes!

This week, pupils across the school took part in a Squashed Tomato Challenge, where they had to design and create a basket to hold as many tomatoes as possible, being transported from one point to another using a pulley system. It was a great success and the winning basket in Year 6 held 258 tomatoes! The pupils were presented with a certificate on Friday.



  • Sophie Stanley says:

    I am a student from a school in Norwich, I have homework which to design a product that will transport tomatoes without squashing them, your basket sounds like an excellent idea. What did you do to make the tomatoes stay in the basket with out being squashed, did you use anything in the basket to hold them in the right position? Well done year 6, that is a lot of tomatoes !

  • Wow that is a lot of tomatoes, well done year 6! Did you put anything in the basket to stop them getting squashed?

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