Days 1-3


Year 6 have just come back from a wonderful week in Pendarren…

Miss Claudia kept a diary of what they got up to and it sounds like a great time for everyone:

Day 1:
Once we arrived pupils had to make up their beds in their rooms. Some more experienced than others (this was hilarious to watch!)
After lunch, they did a bush craft activity which involved the children building shelters in the woodland. Their shelters had to withstand the wind and rain (water was poured to see which shelter was best protected). They also learnt how to create their own fire using a ‘gerber’ fire starter. To end the session they toasted tasty marshmallows over the fire with some hot chocolate.
Day 2:
In the morning they experienced what it was like down in the deepest mine in South Wales. They were shown how coal was made and had a miner as a tour guide bringing them around. They then had lunch on the Brecon Beacons Mountain with a stunning view and then hunted through heather fields for flowers called ‘heather’. After lunch they did canoeing with 2 boats tied together so they really had to work as a team to manouever the canoe down the tranquil canal. At the end some children were brave enough to jump in. In the evening we went into the Ti Pi where there was a fire, we played some games and told some funny and scary stories with a lovely cup of hot cocoa!
Day 3:
Was Beach Day. We drove an hour and a half in the mini bus to Swansea and headed to Caswell Bay Beach. We did a long walk along the coast to get to beach. Once we arrived we had lunch, then played some ‘kick rounders’ in the sand and met a dog that wanted to play fetch with us! We then put our wellies on and jumped into the sea! IT WAS FREEZING! But everyone was rejoicing in the waves. Even myself :”D
When we got back after dinner we had an amazing storytelling session from Daniel Morden.


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