Days 4 and 5

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Days 4 and 5 of Miss Claudia’s diary…

Day 4:
This had to be everyone’s favourite day filled with so much outdoor education and learning. We did a river study. The children first began the day in classroom 1 learning about different types of rocks and how they are formed. They were then educated about The Afon Melte river and how it starts at the top of the mountain and ends at the waterfall. We then went and followed the river starting at the top of the mountain. We followed the river down and explored inside a cave that the river runs into. The children had to squeeze through the little gaps and make their way around the cave. When we got out we climbed down further and followed the river to the end where we saw a spectacular waterfall. Each child went in with Melanie the instructor and she had them up against the waterfall for a taste. They then slid down the end of the waterfall and had a little dunk inside the river. After dinner we played a massive game of capture the flag BUT in the dark!
Day 5:
Everyone had to pack everything and bring it to the coach and undo bedding. Their last activity was a walk through the River Grywne passing lovely scenery and we met tree surgeons along the way telling us about the different types of trees they work on. We also picked some fresh apples and the walk brought us straight back to Pendarren House. We had lunch then headed home back to Ferry Lane.


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