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Ferry Lane has undergone some exciting changes to enrich the curriculum and enhance opportunities for learning across all subjects. The national programmes of study for each subject have been broken down into segments and embedded back into our curriculum in away that provides cross- curricular links and makes learning sequences meaningful and purposeful.


We are excited to announce that these changes will be brought in from the Spring term and, along with a brand new scheme of work for History and Geography, we are confident that this rich and vibrant curriculum will create outstanding teaching and learning provision for all pupils.


Ferry Lane Primary has been awarded the Silver Award Primary Science Quality Mark which is a prestigious award recognising outstanding delivery of science across a school. Having held a number of events over the past year, and as well as delivering outstanding teaching and learning through science curriculum, we are proud of this achievement. All staff, in conjunction with the science leader, work hard to ensure pupils are excited in their science learning, that curiosity is sparked and enquiry skills are developed. Science has been at the forefront of our priorities and we have adopted a whole-school approach to ensure not only that the profile of science is elevated, but that we are using innovative ways to capture pupils’ enthusiasm and passion in the subject.


Our portfolio submission for the PSQM encapsulates the rigorous dedication of the school in heightening the profile of science and improving learning experiences for all pupils, honing a life-long zest for learning and enquiry.


If you need further information about the curriculum and what your child is learning please speak to your child’s teacher. A detailed overview of the national curriculum can be read here.

Pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills develop well because they enjoy reading and are very enthusiastic about taking part in reading competitions as well as trips to the library. There are reading corners and interesting books in every classroom

Ofsted 2014

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Ferry Lane Primary School
Jarrow Road
N17 9pp

Tel: 020 8801 5233


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